The future of smart retail is here. Welcome the smart fridge - safe way for contactless shopping and new unique user experience. With the access system from the mobile app
that employs the technology of machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence
Safe way to contactless unmanned shopping.
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Smart fridge is..
Machine learning and AI
Image recognition
Unique patented system of computer vision
Gravity sensors
No RFID. No barcode scanning
Smart fridge + Coffee machine
You can add a coffee machine to your Smart fridge
Remote control
100% of sales in digital format
Big data control
Sales data including online information
Say YES to the new reality
Minimize contact with other people when shopping, including retail staff
Smart fridge is not…
We do not use RFID tags
We are not a vending machine
We are not a self-service store
We are not a food kiosk in the office and not a micromarket
We do not accept cash
We do not use the technology of self-scanning the product barcode
Say NO to restrictions
Expand your sales channels. Smart fridge can be installed in absolutely any location
How the Smart fridge works
Smart fridge and an entrepreneur..
Install a Smart fridge
Find the location to install the Smart Fridge
Make friends
Train the products you are going to sell with our the neural network
Open an account in the Smart fridge app
Get the money
If the revenue is less than 500 eur per month, move the fridge to a different location
Unlimited opportunities for communication and advertising campaigns with customers
Smart fridge and the consumer
Download the mobile app Freez and set the payment card
Using the app, scan the code on the door of the Smart fridge and open it
Say: Hello!
Take the product, close the door
Say: Bye!
The amount will be automatically debited from the card
Enjoy the experience
Experience the convenience
What else?
A Go style shop
A store where you don't have to queue for checkout. The store looks familiar: the counters are filled with goods that customers can freely choose, without the help of a consultant.
Video cameras on the ceiling monitor customers by tracking
the location and what products are taken from the shelves.
Micro Market
building trust

Micro Markets is a new type of retail that combines catering, coffee machine installation services and a retail
grocery store in one place.
A wide range of products (up to 500 items: hot meals, dairy products, sandwiches, hot drinks, juices, salads, snacks, etc.)
is presented and fully available in a controlled shopping area without the participation of a seller.

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